Top 10 Cricket Bat Brands

Top 10 Cricket Bat Brands

Cricket bats are treasured possessions among players and purchasing one can be an indulging experience. But finding the appropriate bat can be challenging with so many shapes, sizes, and willow grades available - it takes time and a good knowledge of cricket bats before selecting your ideal one! OCS Bats takes pride in competing against the top cricket brands, and we make sure that we are providing our customers with the best quality!

Kookaburra's Kahuna bat is an elite product that delivers power and light pick-up with a classic profile, drawing praise from some of cricket's leading cricketers.

  1. Kookaburra

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  1. Puma

Puma is a leading brand in cricket equipment and gear. Their products offer top quality at an economical price point, including their selection of bats tailored specifically to different skill levels - their top-selling bat being the SS Ton.

This bat is constructed with 4.5% English Willow, making it an excellent option for players looking to maximize both power and control. Furthermore, its lower profile contributes to better balance and an enhanced sweet spot.

SF Cricket stands out with its innovative business model that emphasizes sustainability and eco-friendly products, which helps reduce costs and lower its carbon footprint. They employ a diverse workforce as part of their corporate culture feature that boosts worker morale as well as strengthens competitive advantage for SF Cricket while meeting customer demands across a wide variety of customer base segments - something their approach has enabled them to do successfully within the sporting goods market.

  1. GM

GM Cricket Equipment stands out as a premier cricket equipment provider worldwide. Their high-quality English and Kashmir Willow bats meet every player's individual needs while being well-balanced to deliver excellent power at all levels of play.

The company uses premium quality willow wood to craft its cricket bats. Each piece is then carefully shaped, pressed, and finished to create durable bats ready to use - offering multiple sizes and shapes for every type of player.

Quality cricket bats from Wedgewood have long been prized among professional players and have been in business for more than 160 years, thanks to using English willow as their material of choice and light designs that provide more control. Selecting a quality bat can make all the difference in success when choosing cricket equipment!

  1. New Balance

New Balance, known for producing sports equipment such as athletic footwear and apparel, also produces top-tier cricket bats crafted from grade A English Willow that offer optimal power-balance ratio for players of all skill levels.

This bat is popular with cricketers for its dynamic power curved face and light pick-up. Specifically designed to meet the needs of advanced players looking for a bat to dominate on the field.

Sareen Sports Industries (formerly Sanspareils Greenlands) is one of the world's premier manufacturers of cricket bats, known for their SS Sunridges line of bats which are particularly favored among professional cricketers such as Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman. Aside from being of superior quality, their bat is also cost-effective yet provides both power and balance - as well as being available in different sizes to fit players of different age groups and skill levels.

  1. Spartan Sports

CG Authority bat is designed to withstand modern cricket's power-hitting style, offering lightweight construction from premium quality Sarawak cane. Additionally, its dynamic power curved face helps powerful players make solid contact with the ball for solid contact with it.

Gunn & Moore (GM) is an iconic global brand known for their high-quality sports equipment, including cricket bats. Their Icon bat is ideal for advanced players seeking maximum power and balance; used by legendary cricketers such as Shikhar Dhawan and Kumar Sangakkara among many others.

A quality cricket bat is essential for players of any skill level. A well-made bat should feature a large sweet spot and balanced weight distribution to help players maximize their swing. Choose one with wood that suits your personal preferences for optimal results.

  1. Reebok

Since cricket has become more and more popular in India, the demand for high-quality bats has skyrocketed, prompting various companies to enter the market to provide top-quality bats; however, only some have become leading manufacturers of quality bats.

Reebok is an established sports equipment brand known for its wide selection of cricket bats. Their Centurion bat is especially favored, featuring a traditional shape with a curved blade for maximum power as well as an innovative toe shield to absorb moisture and keep the bat dry.

Reebok bats are known for their power, balance, and precision - qualities praised by leading cricket players such as Yuvraj Singh and Brendan McCullum.

  1. SS Ton

SS Ton is one of the premier providers of high-quality cricket bats. Their bats are handcrafted from only premium English willow for optimal performance on the pitch and lightweight construction for reduced player fatigue.

Their SS Ton bats offer powerful shots with their big edges and large sweet spots, perfect for hard shots. Furthermore, these bats are extremely durable with smooth curved blades for effortless swings.

This cricket bat manufacturer has been around for more than 160 years and is well-recognized for producing high-quality products. Their bats are constructed using grade A unbleached English willow and come in various shapes and sizes at very competitive prices - Kieron Pollard, Shikhar Dhawan, and Kumar Sangakkara have all chosen this brand! Additionally, this company provides cricket shoes and equipment.

  1. Gray-Nicolls

Gray-Nicolls is a British bat brand known for its range of cricket bats crafted from English willow. Their bats feature optimal pick-up, giving players maximum power. Gray-Nicolls bats have been used by numerous professional cricketers such as AB de Villiers and Ricky Ponting among many others.

Gray Nicolls was the original cricket bat manufacturer to introduce the iconic Scoop design, an innovative take on traditional design features that have long been appreciated by amateur players - in fact, vintage 70s models of this design are currently fetching well over PS300 on eBay!

Classic Family has received an update for 2022 with black stickers and model name decals creating a sleeker aesthetic. Both experienced pro-Rikki Clarke and The Cricketer's deputy editor James Coyne found this bat bottom heavy - something which might make it ideal for use on club wickets that tend to keep low scores.

  1. Delux Sports Company

Delux Sports Company has been manufacturing quality cricket bats for over four decades. Their English willow bats have long been considered among the finest available; using an elaborate process involving selecting wood species, shaping it, and pressing. Also important is their attention paid to crafting handles that offer maximum control and power for maximum control and play.

The Adidas Libro 5.0 cricket bat is an exceptional piece with outstanding balance and pick-up that's ideal for aggressive batting styles of all levels of play. Perfectly balanced and pick-up ensure outstanding control when swinging this bat!

Sanspareils Greenlands (SG), is an iconic cricket bat brand in India. Their bats are constructed using top-grade English willow, feature traditional shapes, are well balanced, and offer maximum power and control - and are widely used by cricketers worldwide.

  1. Puma

Adidas is an esteemed global brand known for producing top-quality sports equipment. Their cricket bats are known for their superior balance and pickup thanks to their exceptional edges; one such bat is their Libro 5.0 which caters to aggressive stance players.

Spartan Sports provides an assortment of quality cricket bats. Their English Willow Senior and Junior bats, made with premium grade willow, offer supreme balance and finesse while their Evopower line has received praise from prominent cricketers like Ross Taylor and Shane Watson.

MRF manufactures cricketing equipment in Meerut. Their bats are expertly handcrafted from premium willows, used by stars like Virat Kohli. Plus, MRF's Cricket Bats are extremely cost-effective; with affordable models like the Bubble Bat model.